Our Facilities

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Consulting Rooms

There are 8 large consulting rooms, allowing space and time for clinicians to perform thorough examinations and extensive discussion of patients' conditions. One of the rooms is dedicated for ophthalmology examinations and has extensive specialist equipment necessary for this service.

Surgical Suite

The surgical suite consists of a preparation area where patients are anesthetised and prepared for surgery and three state-of-the-art operating theatres where surgery is performed. Designed for optimum infection control the construction of the theatres is of a standard normally found in human hospitals. All the theatres are equipped with advanced anaesthetic monitoring and an extensive range of surgical equipment to allow advanced surgical procedures to be performed. One theatre is equipped with operating microscopy for advanced ophthalmic and neurosurgical procedures such as cataract and brain tumour removal. Another is equipped with fluoroscopy to allow us to perform a full range of interventional procedures such as pacemaker placement. The theatre suite is managed by specialist theatre nurses and specialist anaesthetists.


There are 4 wards consisting of separate dog and cat wards, a high dependency ward and isolation. The kennels are designed with patient comfort and care in mind. There is climate control and ventilation throughout the wards and a variety of kennels sizes including large walk in kennels. Walls and floors are constructed with modern materials allowing easy cleaning, helping with infection control. A team of kennel assistants also assist the nurses in caring for patients, particularly with feeding, grooming and exercise.

The needs of hospitalised of cats are very different from dogs. To ensure a stress free environment, our cat ward is completely separate from the dog ward. Kennels are made of cat friendly surfaces with shelves for sleeping and places to hide from sight. The wards are staffed by qualified and registered nurses 24 hours a day.

The high dependency ward is where seriously ill patients stay, along with patients recovering from surgery. This ward is equipped with incubators, extensive monitoring and oxygen is available at every kennel. Specially designed kennels are available for easy monitoring and care of the most unwell patients.

Diagnostic Imaging

Extensive advanced imaging facilities are available for investigation of patients. These include digital radiography, ultrasonography, digital fluoroscopy, onsite CT scanner and MRI scanner. We are one of a limited number of practices able to offer onsite advanced imaging with our GE Medical dual slice CT scanner and Philips 1.5 T MRI scanner.

Medical Diagnostics Suite

This is where investigations of many medical conditions are performed. The room is equipped with a full range of rigid and flexible endoscopes (fibre optic cameras) which allow for examination of all internal cavities in even the smallest dogs and cats. Other medical procedures including bone marrow sampling and biopsies are performed in this room.

Chemotherapy Suite

The chemotherapy suite has facilities to prepare and administer chemotherapy drugs as safely as possible. It is a quiet and calm area which minimises the stress and risk of problems associated with administering chemotherapy.

Electrodiagnostic Suite

This is where electrodiagnostic investigations are performed. Electrodiagnositics are tests that measure electrical activity in the nerves and muscles and are used to investigate many neurological conditions. A specific test called an electroretinogram (ERG) is performed to investigate blindness. The suite is equipped with state of the art human equipment to perform these tests.

Cardiology Suite

The cardiology suite is equipped for the investigation of animals with heart diseases. Equipment includes the Vivid E9 cardiac ultrasound machine, ECG and blood pressure measuring. The Vivid E9 is a state-of-the-art human cardiology ultrasound which produces the highest quality of images and allows for investigations which are only available at a limited number of specialist centres in the UK.


There is an extensive in house laboratory staffed by a specialist technician which allows for a wide range of patient side tests to be performed. This facility is essential for management of emergency and critical patients. Tests available include haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes, blood gas analysis, coagulation times, urine analysis, blood typing and cytology.

Feline Facilities

We understand that a trip to the vets can be a worrying time for both you and your much loved feline friend. Our highly trained and caring team of Veterinary Specialists, Veterinary Nurses and Animal Care Assistants endeavour to make sure that all of our feline patients feel safe, comfortable and content.

Our cat friendly facilities include

  • A separate cat waiting area in reception to allow your cat to hide out of sight of other animals. Please do let us know if you would like a privacy cover for your cat’s basket.
  • A separate cat hospital ward to provide a calm, quiet space for our feline friends to rest and recuperate during their stay.
  • Large, spacious kennels with room to explore, higher view points and separate compartments for toileting and resting. Each comes with comfortable, cosy bedding and privacy covers if needed.
  • A very well stocked kitchen to accommodate even the most discerning of palates.
  • All our equipment is available in the small sizes appropriate for use in feline patients.

Our cat friendly team:

  • Our Veterinary Specialists have undertaken extensive training in their disciplines to provide the most up to date expertise and treatment for their feline patients. Some have pursued additional qualifications specific to feline medicine.
  • Our nursing team are knowledgeable, experienced, kind and caring. We pride ourselves on tailoring our care plans to each individual cat’s needs. We also have several nurses who have a particular interest in feline nursing and are studying towards feline specific nursing qualifications.
  • All our staff receive training in handling cats gently and with respect.

Arranging a referral for your pet

If you would like to refer your pet to see one of our Specialists please visit our Arranging a Referral page.