The dentistry service offers a comprehensive referral service in all aspects of dentistry and oral surgery.

We are one of a limited number of centres in the UK to offer a dentistry service run by a Specialist in dentistry. The service combines comprehensive dental facilities with additional onsite MRI and CT imaging.

As part of a multi-disciplinary specialist team patients benefit from the input of a number of other specialists including specialist in anaesthesia, surgery, diagnostic imaging, oncology and internal medicine.

The service is particularly experienced in treating geriatric patients with co-morbidities.

The dentistry service is happy to accept cases in all aspects of dentistry and oral surgery including

  • Extraction therapy: however simple or complex
  • Endodontics: root canal therapy for fractured teeth, crown shortening and vital pulp therapy for malocclusions
  • Periodontal surgery: advanced techniques for tooth preservation including guided tissue regeneration
  • Orthodontics: movement of teeth in malocclusion cases using inclined planes or elastics.
  • Prosthodontics: including crown therapy
  • Restoratives: composite restorations and sealants for enamel defects
  • Oral surgery: jaw fracture repair, cleft palate surgery, oronasal fistula surgery
  • Oncology: oral masses and surgery including maxillectomy, mandibulectomy- these cases will benefit from a full multi-disciplinary approach, with Specialist oncologists and surgeons on-site.
  • Oral medicine: inflammatory diseases such as chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis, masticatory myositis
  • Feline dentistry: chronic gingivostomatitis, feline orofacial pain, eosinophilic granuloma, root remnant retrieval

Case Advice or Arranging a Referral

If you are a veterinary professional and would like to discuss a case with one of our team, or require pre-referral advice about a patient, please call 01883 741449Alternatively, to refer a case, please use the online referral form