Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

Fixed Prices

We have introduced a range of fixed prices for some of our Interventional Pain Management procedures. These competitive prices allow for an easier referral process and give your clients clear pricing information. Pet owners benefit from the skills and care of our experienced team of Specialists, while having confidence in knowing what their pet’s treatment and care will cost.

Minimally invasive procedures can be repeated based on patient needs, on an outpatient basis.
Our procedures offer long-lasting pain relief, lasting for several months, and in some cases, up to a year or even longer, depending on the patient’s condition and individual factors.
Interventional Pain Management should be considered when standard pain medications are not sufficient, not tolerated or contra-indicated.
In many cases advanced treatment options can be an intermediate step between conservative treatment and surgery.
These treatments provide a solution to alleviate pain in cases where surgery is not feasible.



For more information, on these or any of
our procedures, please contact the
practice on 01883 741449 or email

All prices include VAT. Although major postoperative complications are unusual, any costs incurred relating to unexpected postoperative complications are not included
in our fixed price packages.


Radiofrequency + nerve blocks
Cervical, thoracolumbar & lumbosacral pain
Lumbosacral degenerative stenosis
Cauda equina
Foraminal stenosis
Lateralised IVDD (mainly pain)
Spinal pain of unknown origin
With 10% reduction for 2nd and subsequent re-interventions within three months of the date of the first treatment


Radiofrequency + nerve blocks £1,350

Radiofrequency + biologicals £2,050
(i.e. stem cells)

Osteoarthritis (i.e. hips and elbows)
Cancer pain
Feline orofacial pain syndrome (FOFPS)
Pain of unknown origin

Pain clinic interventions include GA, the procedure and hospitalisation for that day.

Vets treating animal from a referral

Case Advice or Arranging a Referral

If you are a veterinary professional and would like to discuss a case with one of our team, or require pre-referral advice about a patient, please call 01883 741449Alternatively, to refer a case, please use the online referral form