We understand that going through specialist veterinary treatment with your pet can be worrying and insurance claims can add to that stress.

My pet is insured, what do I do?

  • We would advise that you contact your provider to advise them of the referral made to us. Some insurance companies specify in their terms and conditions that they need to be kept informed of any referrals and to be advised of where your pet has been referred to.
  • We may need to obtain pre-authorisation from your insurance company before any treatment begins. This is to ensure they will cover the cost of the recommended treatment. To do this we will need to know the name of your insurance company and your policy number. Some insurance companies require the owner to request a pre-authorisation.

What information about your insurance will you need before the appointment?

  • Which insurance company you are with and your policy number.
  • What level of cover you have.
  • Whether your insurance provider has any ‘Capped’ fees or a preferred specialist referral centre list.
  • What the excess on your policy is (some companies also have a co-payment percentage that forms part of your excess)

What happens if my insurance company advise me that NDSR are not on their preferred referral list?

Some insurance companies add an additional charge if you select a Referral Centre not on their “Preferred Provider” list.  We believe that primary care vets and pet owners should have the freedom to choose a referral centre on the basis of their own clinical judgement and what is best for that patient.  That is why we will look to cover the costs of any additional charges levied by insurance companies for referring to us.

Arranging a referral for your pet

If you would like to refer your pet to see one of our Specialists please visit our Arranging a Referral page.