Ophthalmology Fixed Price Procedures

We have introduced a range of fixed prices for some of our more commonly performed ophthalmology procedures.

These competitive prices allow for an easier referral process and give your clients clear pricing information. Pet owners benefit from the skills and care of our experienced team of Specialists, while having confidence in knowing what their pet’s treatment and care will cost. The following procedures include general anaesthetic, surgery and two nights hospitalisation.

Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification)

Unilateral - £5,700
Bilateral - £7,300

Corneal repair surgeries (for example corneo-conjunctival transposition graft)

Simple graft - £3,500
Complex - £4,200 (including corneal perforation cases)

All prices include VAT. Although major postoperative complications are unusual, any costs incurred relating to unexpected postoperative complications are not included in our fixed price packages.

For more information, on these or any of our procedures, please contact the practice on 01883 741449 or email enquiries@ndsr.co.uk