Travelling with your cat to NDSR


Many cats find travelling and visits to the vets extremely stressful. We aim to make your cat’s visit pleasant and minimally stressful. The following tips are designed to help.

Choosing a cat carrier

A cat carrier should be large enough for your cat to stand, stretch and turn around. Carriers with the option to open from the top are preferred. Cats that are fearful or anxious are difficult to remove form front opening carriers without pulling them or up ending the carrier and this can be very stressful for them.

Getting your cat in a carrier

Cats are sensitive and do not like the unfamiliar. Carriers should be left in the house so cats can explore them. Leaving the top off can be useful to initially. They can be encouraged in by placing toys, food or bedding in it. This process can take weeks so be patient. Rewarding your cat for going into the carrier can help create a positive association. Spraying the carrier with Feliway a synthetic pheromone available from your vet or online can help the cat feel more secure. This should be sprayed at least 30 minutes before putting the cat in the carrier.

Travelling with a cat

Many cats find car journeys stressful as it is not part of their normal routine. This aversion can be reduced taking them on a number of short journeys starting with just a few minutes before taking them on long journeys. Many cats get motion sickness so do not feed your cat close to a car journey.

In the car the basket should be placed in the foot well or secured with a seatbelt. Covering the basket with a towel or a blanket can help. Make sure you drive slowly and carefully to avoid your cat being throw around in the carrier

When you arrive at NDSR

Please use the Cat Only waiting area which stops your cat seeing dogs. Keep the cat carrier off the ground on a raised surface such as a chair or table. Keeping the cat basket covered can help with stress. Our reception can provide cat basket covers if you would like one. If your cat has had an accident or is distressed please inform one of our reception staff and one of our nurses will help you. At the reception desk keep the cat carrier off the ground.

Arranging a referral for your pet

If you would like to refer your pet to see one of our Specialists please visit our Arranging a Referral page.