Innovative Magnetic Brush Nails Deflating Car Park Issues


A magnetic brush and some steely determination have produced positive results as our team aims for a clean sweep in tidying up its outdoor area and protecting the environment.

After staff and other firms on the same site reported a series of deflating tyres Facilities Manager Mark Woodham promptly invested in a magnetic brush so he and colleague Gregg Parsons-Dorman could begin regularly sweeping the site in a bid to reduce the number of flat tyres being reported.

Mark explained: “We share the development with eight other local businesses and we’ve all experienced a lot of punctures and flat tyres.

“One businessman here told me he’s spent around £1,000 in the past 18 months on new tyres for his SUV.

“However, since we started using the magnetic brush, the situation has been transformed and the problem pretty much solved.

“We’ve been regularly going around and sweeping the area with the magnet picking up all sorts of nails, screws and fragments of metal.

“It has been a tremendous success and must be the best £78 we’ve spent!

“Everyone working on the development or visiting it is a lot happier and there have hardly been any problems since we began sweeping.

“In fact, we only need to have a sweep once a month now because it has worked so well.

“We still pick up a few things but nothing like the collection of metals we used to find.”

Part of the project to prevent punctures also sees Mark and the team helping to ensure staff car tyres are at their optimum pressure which, in turn, helps with each vehicle’s CO2 emissions – fitting perfectly with NDSR’s commitment to eco-friendly methods and increased sustainability.

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