Additional Neurologist joins NDSR


16 November 2016

Niklas Bergknut
Clinician in Neurology and Neurosurgery

We are pleased to welcome Niklas Bergknut to the neurology team at NDSR. His addition allows us to expand our neurology service and deal with the increasing demand for neurology emergency referrals. Niklas also brings unique experience of surgical treatment of pituitary masses to NDSR, which will expand our options in treating these cases.

Niklas graduated from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2000. After working as a first opinion small animal clinician in Sweden and the UK for six years, Niklas started a PhD in 2007 on the topic of intervertebral disc degeneration in dogs. The PhD was a joint project between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Utrecht University, so he moved to the Netherlands with his Dutch wife in 2008. Niklas finished his PhD in 2010 and then started his ECVN residency in Neurology, which he completed in 2014. After completing his residency, he worked as a lecturer in neurology and neurosurgery at Utrecht University before joining a specialist clinic in the south of the Netherlands.

Niklas is passionate about sharing the wonderful world of neurology and he frequently lectures on different neurology and neurosurgery topics, especially spinal disorders, which has long been the focus of his research. He has also published numerous scientific articles and book chapters in Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice and the new upcoming Veterinary Surgery (Tobias 2nd edition).

Case Advice or Arranging a Referral

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