I’m All Right, Jack! Dog’s Huge Tumour Disappears After ‘Miraculous’ Electrochemotherapy

Jack the dog running through grass in a yellow coat

Specialist cancer care has proved to be a miracle cure for a Jack Russell terrier battling a massive tumour in his mouth.

The tumour, growing on his upper jaw, was so large it had actually displaced the front teeth of 13-year-old pet, called Jack, as our Specialist vets described it as ‘one of the hardest cases we have treated’.

However, a successful course of pioneering electrochemotherapy has seen the life-threatening tumour completely disappear.

Oncology Specialist Gerry Polton said Jack’s incredible case was an excellent example of the benefits of the innovative electrochemotherapy.

Gerry, an EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Oncology, explained: “Jack was suffering from a massive oral tumour which dramatically affected his upper jaw.

“The tumour had grown to such an extent it had replaced much of the bone of the front part of his upper jaw.

“Jack’s upper incisor teeth just wobbled freely because the bone no longer supported them. It must have been very painful when he tried to eat.

“It was too large and extensive to contemplate surgery, so initially we tried the regular oral chemotherapy approach but the tumour just got worse and suddenly began bleeding a lot.

“We, therefore, switched to electrochemotherapy, a treatment that delivers electrical pulses to the affected area to enhance the penetration of intravenous chemotherapy into the tumour.

“After Jack’s first dose, the tumour actually enlarged slightly but after he had completed his course of four treatments it had disappeared.

“The most recent photo shows Jack still looking great, with an amazing close-up of the healed tumour site showing how well the electrochemotherapy had worked and confirming the tumour had gone.

“This was truly lifesaving therapy and the fact he remains so well so long after treatment is fantastic.

“It really is a remarkable response and I think it’s an extremely encouraging story for other dog owners whose pets may unfortunately find themselves facing a similar challenge to Jack’s.”

“Due to the extent of the tumour, Jack was one of the hardest cases we have treated.

“It was nothing short of miraculous to see how the non-cancerous tissue persisted after treatment but the tumour tissue disappeared, leaving Jack with an almost perfectly-formed new upper jaw.”

Jack’s delighted owner Oli Trowell, from Anerley, South London, certainly agrees. He said: “Jack continues to do really well. The huge tumour had completely disappeared after his final treatment, which was amazing to us given the poor outlook initially.

“We thought Christmas 2021 would be our last with Jack, but more than a year on I haven’t seen any return of the tumour. He’s in really good shape and we’re so thankful to NDSR for all their care and support.”

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