Labrador Patient Gave Vet Adam Clear Vision of his Future

Adam 2

Helping to give an ageing Labrador a new lease of life gave vet Adam Margetts a clear vision for his future.

The beloved pet had severe cataracts and Adam referred her for emergency eye surgery. He was so thrilled by her transformation, it proved to be his inspiration to study to become an Ophthalmologist.

Adam has become so focused on his chosen specialism, he is now working towards become a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ECVO).

Adam explained: “Years ago in general practice I treated an old Labrador called Tasha who developed cataracts as a result of diabetes mellitus.

“I referred her for emergency cataract surgery and when I saw her after surgery, she was like a puppy, bouncy and playing with a new lease of life.

“The amazing difference in her demeanour was remarkable and Tasha was a reason in me deciding to become an Ophthalmologist and help other similar patients.”

Adam began his ECVO residency at Davies Veterinary Specialists near Hitchin before moving to NDSR where he will complete his residency training this November.

He says it’s been a win-win situation to work at two of the UK’s leading veterinary hospitals, adding: “It’s been a superb opportunity to learn and develop under a number of highly skilled Ophthalmologists at two first class referral hospitals.

“I’ve gained valuable experience treating a variety of medical and surgical ophthalmic diseases in small animals as well as training and mentoring interns and visiting vets.

“I have also been able to provide support and advice to colleagues in different departments within the multidisciplinary hospital environment.

“It is very rewarding and inspiring and I am keen to continue to develop in order to complete my ECVO diploma exam in 2025 and provide gold standard care to small animal patients and their owners.”

Hospital Director Gerry Polton said Adam’s dedication and drive make him an eye-deal addition to the team.

Gerry said: “Adam has joined as a resident in ophthalmology and completes his residency training at the beginning of November when he will be pretty much the cleverest he will be in his life.

“He initially joined us to finish his training but we are thrilled to say that he is actually going to stay on for another 18 months after that as a wonderful addition to our excellent ophthalmology team.”

Adam is certainly dedicated to his chosen profession. He spent four years in Canada at the University of Guelph where he obtained a Batchelor of Science degree in Animal Biology.

He completed his veterinary degree at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2011, and joined his family’s practice in Kent where he became clinical director in 2016 and completed his post-graduate Certificate in Ophthalmology.

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