Leading the way in Oncology Treatment Delivering ground-breaking cancer treatments


We have the largest number of medical oncology Specialists in the UK caring for patients.

Our RCVS, European and American Specialist-led oncology team have extensive experience. Thanks to this experience, innovation and research, our Specialists have shaped global best practice in fields such as:

  • Canine anal sac tumours 
  • Invasive mammary tumours O
  • steosarcoma 
  • Insulinoma 
  • Mast cell tumours 
  • Canine soft tissue sarcomas 
  • Canine lung tumours 
  • Feline injection site sarcomas

Our team of experienced surgical oncologists work alongside the medical oncology team to ensure the optimum patient outcome. Along with our Diagnostic Imaging and Anaesthesia colleagues, we are able to deliver a multi-disciplinary service and the best possible care to patients referred to us.

We accept referrals for all aspects of oncology and any type of tumour including:

  • Evaluation for surgical tumour removal 
  • Post-operative cancer management strategies 
  • Clinical stage determination 
  • Co-ordination of surgical and medical oncology therapies 
  • Counselling on therapeutic options and prognosis 
  • Chemotherapy (including novel agents and protocols) 
  • Electrochemotherapy 
  • Radiation planning and management

Where we believe it’s suitable, we also offer novel therapies including treatments such as:

  • Melanoma vaccine 
  • Tyrosine kinase inhibitor 
  • Metronomic chemotherapy 
  • Immunotherapy

Compassionate care

Providing cancer care is more than just diagnosis and treatment. For pet owners a cancer diagnosis can be extremely worrying. Our Oncology team always takes the time to explain the nature of the underlying clinical problems and the impact of the treatment and management options available. We counsel pet owners through any difficult decisions they may need to take.

Case Advice or Arranging a Referral

If you are a veterinary professional and would like to discuss a case with one of our team, or require pre-referral advice about a patient, please call 01883 741449Alternatively, to refer a case, please use the online referral form