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Did you know that one of the biggest pet insurance groups, Royal & Sun Alliance, has recently made changes to its policies which affects pets that are covered through Tesco and MoreThan?

The changes to the policies have created a preferred referral network of just 29 veterinary referral centres across the UK. For affected policyholders (covered by Tesco and MoreThan) the changes will mean a £200 excess may be charged if they take their pet to a centre that is not on the network.

North Downs Specialist Referrals supports the Vets for Choice campaign, which believes in freedom of choice for pet owners and referring veterinary surgeons. At a time when your pet is ill and may require a referral to a Specialist centre we fully believe that you, as pet owners, should have a choice to go to the best place for your pet’s welfare and treatment.

Vets for Choice is a group of 11 leading Veterinary Specialist Referral Centres in the UK which has serious concerns over the RSA measures. This group believes pet owners are facing reduced freedom of choice, and that the changes could leave sick animals at risk. Choosing the right referral centre is not the same as choosing a garage repair shop for your car.

Vets for Choice say “that it must be the absolute right of pet owners, in conjunction with their first opinion vet, to select the referral centre that is most appropriate for each individual case. The decision will be based on a number of considerations, the most important of which are level of expertise and availability of specialist facilities. The preferred referral network does not have good overall coverage across the UK. In the south west of England, for example, there is just one approved centre and, just two in the whole of Scotland.

Vets for Choice are calling on Tesco to amend its pet insurance policy to its original format and give full choice back to pet owners and their vets so they can do the best for their animals.

Why not sign the petition and help to get the required change!

For further information please visit the Vets for Choice campaign

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