Copy of Orthopaedic Fixed Prices

Specialist-led care for TPLO referrals

  • All your TPLO cases will be accepted immediately and seen within 48 hours*
  • We guarantee the same fixed price across all patient weights
  • Our updated fixed price gives your clients clarity and peace of mind

Our new reduced price is £4,750

Our goal is to support you our referring colleagues and offer our clients clear and transparent pricing.

To help in this endeavour, we are accepting all TPLO referrals and trialling a new way of pricing TPLOs, with the same price regardless of the weight of the patient. *

The new trial price at North Downs Specialist Referrals is £4,750. This reduced fixed price is available for patients seen for their first consultation between 24th June and 30th September 2024.

There is no additional cost for TPLO cases seen urgently or if they are a large breed.

When you refer, the following are included:

  • Consultation
  • Pre-operative radiographs
  • Anaesthesia (including routine medications)
  • Surgery (including all implants)
  • Up to 3 days hospitalisation
  • Routine medications (e.g., post operative NSAIDs or paracetamol) for up to two weeks
Total hip replacement
All size cats and dogs £9,200
Simple fracture e.g. physeal, simple transverse long bone £3,800
Intermediate fracture e.g. lateral condylar fracture £4,800
Complex fracture e.g. 'Y' fracture, complex pelvic fracture £6,000
Medial patellar luxation (TTT and sulcoplasty) - reduce by £2,000 if bilateral at presentation, even if surgeries performed on separate occasions £5,000
Humeral Intracondylar Fissures (HIF) - including CT. Reduced by £2,500 if bilateral at presentation, even if surgeries performed on separate occasions £5,500

*All cases will be seen via a consultation within 48 hours of referral (Monday to Friday) unless we encounter unforeseen circumstances in which case the earliest appointment will be offered.

Terms and conditions apply, available upon request.