Nursing Pathways – our team structure

As well as clinical responsibilities, at NDSR you have the opportunity to develop your skills and nursing career in other areas as one of our Nurse Managers.

Operational Nurse Managers

Our Operational Nurse Managers are responsible for the efficient and effective day to day management of the clinical floor. They ensure the daily operational management of the hospital runs smoothly and this enables us to treat your pets with the highest standard of care. They are also involved with clinical input and processing our daily emergency requests as a priority.

Professional Photo of Katie Lord at NDSR

Katie Lord


Professional Photo of Erin Trussler at NDSR

Erin Trussler


Pastoral Nurse Managers

Our Pastoral Nurse Mangers are responsible for supporting the emotional, social, and mental wellbeing throughout our Nursing Teams which we believe is vital in a place of work. Our Pastoral Nurse Managers work to help ensure that all our Nursing teams are appropriately supported within their roles, and that we continuously work towards a positive wellness and mindfulness, culture. Whilst raising awareness in topics such as wellbeing, mental health initiatives and neurodiversity.

Quality Nurse Managers

Our Quality Nurse Managers are responsible for maintaining and continuously reviewing Quality standards throughout the Nursing Team. This ensures our nursing team is appropriately versed in quality expectations and standards required. They will carry our effective governance, audits and ensure adherence to incident reporting protocols as well as reviewing our practice. They will research best, up to date practice and how we can incorporate these into the way that we work as a centre of excellence. In turn providing the best care for your pets.

Professional Photo of Daniella Sines at NDSR

Daniella Sines

RVN Bsc(Hons) Grad Dip VN

Professional Photo of Selina Malthouse at NDSR

Selina Malthouse


Training Nurse Manager

Our Training Nurse Manager is responsible for the organisation of Training throughout the Nursing Teams, ensuring that they are trained to the highest standard. This includes providing close monitoring of training standards, ensuring Nurses are suitably skilled for the work they are performing, supporting of continued professional development, induction processes, and a strong Student Veterinary Nurse support programme.

Professional Photo of Emma Duhig at NDSR

Emma Duhig

RVN Bsc(Hons) Grad Dip VN